Celebrating Telecommunicators This Week

Every year during the second week of April, the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community, are honored. This week-long event, is a time to celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving the public. It is a week that should be set aside so everyone can be made aware of their hard work and dedication.
Roy Sullivan, Director Cannon County 911 Emergency Communications District had the following to say about this week;
“Cannon County 911 dispatchers are here serving the citizens of Cannon County 24/7, 365 days a week, rain or shine. The work in an environment that is very rarely seen by the public. They are ridiculed when a single mistake is made but very rarely praised for the day to day professionalism and personal sacrifices they often endure to serve the citizens of Cannon County.”
Sullivan invited the community to express their thanks in person if they wish. Any one that wishes to stop by the 911 Center located at 3798 Jim Cummings, is encouraged to do so and thank the dispatchers for their service to Cannon County.
The second week in April is a popular week.  Over the next few days, WBRY will inform you of different groups who want you to have a better understanding of their people, interests and concerns.