Class of 2023 Senior Profiles – Week 3

Our profiles of the members of the Class of 2023 at Cannon County High School continues this week. The students and broadcast hours are listed below.

Monday, May 15th

9am    Kacey Smotherman

10am  Carley Jo Teter

11am  Elizabeth Stanley

12pm  Vitelii Tilzo

1pm    Mason Lee Tramel

2pm    Kaden Thomas

3pm    Kelsey Underhill

Tuesday, May 15th

9am    Kierra Underman

10am  Kylie Underman

11am  Justin Watts

12pm  Houston Witty

1pm    Tiara Woodard

2pm    Sarah Grace Wheeler

3pm    Hayden Yochek

Wednesday, May 17th

9am    Brydon McCavanagh

10am  Leighanne Dodd

11am  Anaston Holt

Thursday, May 18th

9am    Houstion Whitty

10am  William Lorance

11am  Kaitlyn Ludac

Friday, May 19th

9am    Alexis Ludac (Salutatorian)

10am  Ethan Powell (Valedictorian)