Community Assessment Meetings Begin

For those of you that are fed up with the increased cost, crime, broken homes, and loss of family members in our community that stems from substance abuse. This is the meeting you have been waiting for!  Cannon County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition will be conducting a series of meetings for Community Assessment?

The meetings are facilitated by the Tennessee Nations Guard Counter Drug Task Force to gather data, opinions, perspectives, and create an overall snapshot of a Community in order to identify tangible goals, mission and action steps to create positive environmental change.

Community Assessments are effective for engaging the community and promoting the coalition. Community Assessments can create productive and invested coalition members.

Members of the community are invited to become involved.

Attend the Cannon County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Community Assessment meeting and share your perspective, knowledge, and experiences as they relate to substance misuse in Cannon County and YOUR community.

Cannon County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition will begin these meetings Thursday, August, 8, at 11am at Woodbury Lions Club Memorial Building 634 Lehman St., Woodbury.

If you know of anyone that is concerned with the substance abuse crisis in our county, please invite them to this meeting.