Distance Learning Program to be Limited in Cannon County Schools

The Distance Learning Program in Cannon County Schools will be limited on October 26th, 2020 except for students with Medical Exemptions.  The Cannon County Board of Education voted at its October 8th, 2020 Meeting “To return to full Traditional/‘On-Campus’ Learning on Monday, October 26th, 2020 with exception of those with a Doctor’s Detailed Explanation or Quarantined due to COVID-19.”

Director of Schools – William F. Curtis stated, “The Cannon County Board of Education has given its guidance to me to curtail or limit the scope of distance learning.  Their intent is to have students in one educational setting i.e. ‘On-Campus Learning” in the traditional school classroom setting.  Many of our students have done well in a ‘synchronous’ or live setting utilizing Google Classroom and are there ‘live’ with their classroom teacher in a virtual setting.  Other students who may have supplied school issued Chromebooks do not have adequate internet capability at their homes and must use WIFI hotspots at their respective school to download and upload assignments.  These students are ‘asynchronous’ students and do not have that ‘live’ component with their teachers.  Teachers are working twice as hard, if not three times as hard due to these circumstances.  Some students have not checked in with their classes at all and others just a minimum amount.  Their learning has been adversely effected, and the Cannon County Board of Education felt it was time to return to ‘On-Campus’ learning for all students.”

Curtis continued, “Our Team has developed a form – ‘Request For Continued Distance Learning’ to be filled out by a Physician for an exemption to allow a student to continue with Distance Learning as the Cannon County Board of Education allowed.  The form can be accessed on the ccstn.net website and all schools and Principal’s will have copies at each school.  Parents/Guardians should email the completed form to Cannon County Schools Nurse Leslie Pelham at the following e-mail address: Leslie.Pelham@ccstn.net.  Upon approval or denial, the school will contact the parent/guardian for continued Distance Learning or a return to ‘On-Campus’ Learning.”

“We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in our schools and in the county in general.  Hopefully these numbers will continue to decrease, however should the numbers go the other way, we will be prepared to go to “Full Distance Learning” for ALL Students should the situation occur.  Our Team continues to be in daily communication with the local office of the Tennessee Department of Health and the numbers are constantly changing.”

“I would like to give my sincere thanks to Teachers and Staff Personnel for their continuous hard work and persistence in this unprecedented time.  We hope that each of our educators, support staffs, and students will have a greatly deserved FALL BREAK on October 19th – 23rd, 2020.   We additionally appreciate our Parents/Guardians for their patience and willingness to work with our dedicated family of educators, who each day work to fulfill OUR NEW VISION – ‘Engaged in Excellence EVERY Day in EVERY Way!’ through our NEW MISSION – ‘To Create a Unified Environment That Will Provide Opportunities for All Students to Reach Their Full Potential!”      

For a copy of the form to continue Distance Learning, clink the link below: