Dr. William (Bill) Jennings Assumes Command Of Squadron

Dr. William (Bill) Jennings is the Squadron Commander of the newlychartered Sons of the American Legion Post 279, Squadron 279.
Squadron Commander Jennings assumes command of the thirty member
Squadron, of which 28 are charter members.
The first meeting of the Squadron was on Thursday, December 13,
2012. During this meeting Squadron Officers elected were:
Commander-Dr. William(Bill)Jennings; Adjutant-Daniel Hass; Finance
Director-James E.(Butch)Stone; Sergeant-Of-Arms-Donnie Swann; the
position of Chaplain-an appointed position will be filled at the
January meeting.
The Sons of Squadron 279 and the members of the Auxiliary are
separate organizations, and function separately. These two
organizations support the American Legion Post 279, all working as
one dynamic team, to support our Veterans, our youth, and our
Commander Jennings stated that it was a great honor to be
seclected as the first Commander of Squadron 279. He emphasized
that this was a great way for the sons to honor the military
service of their fathers and grandfathers. His father Marvin
Jennings served in World War II, as a crew member on a B-17, with
the 8th United States Army Air Corps, later 8th United States Air
Force. His father was on a mission to ferry B-17 aircraft across
the Atlantic to Europe. His B-17 crashed into the top of a
mountain in IceLand. The crew survived the crash and survived the
sub-zero weather for over a week before they were rescued by the
men from a distant and remote village. I remember that it took
five years for me to convince Marvin Jennings to tell this amazing
story of survival to the students at our Cannon County High School
Veterans Day Program. Being an Aviator myself, I can attest that
the odds of surviving an airplane crash, and then to survive for
over a week in sub-zero weather before being rescued, is about as
low as you can get. Very seldom does anyone survive the crash
alone, and very seldom does anyone survive over a week in sub-zero
weather. I also remember that Robert (Bob) Fuller, another
Woodbury man, who was serving in the United States Army as a MP
(Military Policeman) in Greenland got word of the crash and
visited Marvin in the Hospital while recovering.
Commander Bobby Ferrell, American Legion Post 279,congratulated
Commander Bill Jennings on assuming his new command of Squadron 279.