DTC Opens Wi-Fi Spots for Public Use

DTC Communications has joined hundreds of companies and utilities across the United States in signing the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

In this pledge, DTC has promised to keep open public Wi-Fi spots to the general public. DTC has also pledged not to charge late fees or disconnect customers for specific COVID-19, or Coronavirus related reasons.

DTC has opened public Wi-Fi spots at each of its retail locations and is available for the use of any community member. The “DTC Community Wi-Fi” service may be accessed at no charge using one’s personal device from the safety of their vehicle if they are parked close to the store entrance.

“DTC has always been here to serve others.  By joining the FCC’s pledge to “Keep Americans Connected” during these challenging times, we continue a long legacy of putting people first” said Chris Townson, CEO of DTC Communications. “Without question, broadband is a critical and necessary service to provide connectivity and improve the quality of life for our members and the region we serve.  We provide service to schools, hospitals, health clinics, small businesses and families that depend on fast reliable internet access and communications services now more than ever.” 

DTC has also partnered with several TV networks to provide free previews to all of its TV subscribers.  The free preview channels include CNBC, CNN, FOX News, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, MSNBC, Oxygen, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel. 

DTC Communications is a member owned telephone cooperative established in 1951.  The cooperative supplies communication and entertainment products and services to residential and business customers primarily throughout Middle Tennessee.