Elsa Monzalvo Named Cannon County Schools Employee of the Month

Elsa Monzalvo, William Curtis

Elsa Monzalvo, custodian for Cannon County Schools Central Office was named as “Employee of the Month” for August 2020 by Cannon County Schools. During the August Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education, Monzalvo was recognized and presented a certificate by Cannon County Schools Director William F. Curtis for her service to the Cannon County School System.  Employees are nominated by School Principals or School District Supervisors and are voted on during monthly Principal and Supervisor meetings regarding individuals who exemplify the Mission and Vision of Cannon County Schools.

Director of Cannon County Schools, William F. Curtis stated, “Mrs. Esa Monzalvo is one of the ‘unsung heroes’ in our school system.  She works when everyone is out of the Central Office and does essential work cleaning our facility.  This job is very vital for our school system and her service for each of our employees is sincerely appreciated.   Custodian Elsa Monzalvo personifies our Mission of Cannon County Schools of ‘Preparing All Students for their Future’ by most assuredly being ‘The New E3 – Engaged in Excellence Every Day.’  Congratulations to custodian Elsa Monzalvo for being an impactful ‘Team Player’ in our Cannon County Schools family and specifically Cannon County Schools Central Office.”