Executive Order 70 Will Change Attendance at High School Basketball Games

Acting on Executive Order #70 that was issued Sunday night by Governor Lee, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) announced that effective immediately—attendance at high school ball games will be dramatically limited.

Executive Director Bernard Childress noted, “Pep bands, cheerleaders, and dance teams may not attend athletic contests while these restrictions remain in place. In accordance with the new Executive Order. The only attendees permitted at practices or games, in addition to the student-athletes on the team, are parents and immediate household members, first responders, coaching and team personnel, athletic officials, media and scouting personnel.”

Childress stressed that social distancing between persons from different households is required.

While the Executive Order does not mandate the use of masks, the Governor has encouraged masks, and the TSSAA COVID-19 Sports Regulations provision regarding the use of masks remains.

The Governor’s office conferred with TSSAA about these restrictions. TSSAA concurs with Governor’s office that these restrictions represent the best means for us to continue providing interscholastic athletic participation opportunities to our student-athletes while also doing our part to curb the spread of the virus.

Childress concluded, “We remain hopeful that we will soon begin to see a decline in the instances of infection and that our schools will soon be able to return to more normal operation of their athletic competition.”

These are minimum restrictions. Depending on particular school, facility, or community circumstances, school officials may require additional limitations on attendance.

COVID -19 stopped the York Institute boys game on December 8th.  That game is scheduled for this afternoon at 2:00pm at Robert A. Harris Gymnasium at Cannon County High School.  The limited number of tickets will be sold at the door.

Teddy Taylor and Nolan Bell will have the action on your home for the Lions, pregame coverage begins at 1:45pm.