Grandmother Alerts Deputies Of Granddaughter’s Suspended License

A Cannon County woman recently learned that if you are going to drive your child to school  under the influence of medication, it’s best not to let relatives know.  Recently according to Sheriff’s Department reports Amy Elizabeth Brawner called the Westside school to let officials know she was bringing her child to school and that she realized they were late.  SRO officer Tommie Barker got involved with the situation after the officials stated that the grandmother had called that stated the mother of the child was possibly under the influence of prescription medications and also stated that Brawner’s license was suspended. Sgt Tommy Miller went out to the school to wait for Brawner’s vehicle.  After confirming her license was suspended, Miller noticed that the passenger rear brake light was out on the vehicle she was driving.  Miller pulled her over and then found two bottles of prescription medication that belonged to Brawner’s ex boyfriend.  Brawner was arrested and charged with Driving on Suspended License 3rd offense, and two counts of possession of a legend drug