Group Effort Slows Sales to Minors

A release from the Sheriff’s office gave details of a current campaign to slow sales of controlled substances to minors.

The Cannon County Sheriff’s Office and the 16th Judicial District Attorney’s Office have received complaints from the Cannon County school system as well as parents pertaining to minors being in possession of and using vapes and tobacco products that were sold to them by local businesses.

Over the past couple of weeks Cannon County Sheriffs Office Investigators Paul Reed and Billy Joe Crouch, along with Tennessee ABC, have conducted compliance checks in our community at every store that sells alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products in Cannon County.

Unfortunately, there were some businesses that did sell vapes, beer, and liquor to minors. These establishments were cited for these sales and are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

 The Cannon County Sheriff’s Office will continue to conduct random compliance checks of all businesses selling these regulated items in hopes of keeping them out of the hands of our children.