Lights Out On Truck Leads To Arrest Of Pair In Murfreesboro

A Cannon County man who got pulled over in Murfreesboro recently for a light out on the truck was arrested for several charges.  According to Murfreesboro police reports, early Tuesday evening, Murfreesboro Police pulled over 49 year old Michael Wallace of Hollis Creek Road of Woodbury.  Police noticed that Mr. Wallace and the passenger in the car Kathleen Farless also of the same residence moving stuff around after being pulled over.  Upon contact, the driver stated his name was Michael Allen Blair and gave a date of birth and social security number.  He stated he didn’t currently have a drivers license and never had one to begin with.  After getting the driver and passenger out of the truck they were in, the officers then asked the pair what they were hiding before officers got to the vehicle.  Wallace admitted that Farless had an open beer in the passenger seat and she allegedly shoved it under the seat  Upon searching the truck, police found the beer under the passenger seat.  After further investigation a check on the information that Mr. Wallace gave in regards to identifying himself as Michael Blair was false.  Records also showed that Mr. Wallace had a active warrant from Williamson County.  It was also found out that Mr. Wallace’s driver’s license had been revoked.  Police charged Wallace with criminal impersonation, habitual offender, driving on revoked and open container.