Man Picks Up 8th DUI Charge While At Sherriff’s Office

A Cannon County man coming to the Sheriff’s Department to retrieve his gun after being arrested on a domestic assault charge, got an extended stay after being arrested for DUI and driving on a revoked when Sheriff’s Deputies investigated how he arrived at the Sheriff’s office in the first place.  According to Sheriff’s Department reports.  Sgt. Tommy Miller was called to the lobby of the office for an individual needing to speak to an officer.  There he met Mark Roberts who was wanting to pick up his gun that was seized by the Department when he was arrested on a domestic.  Sgt. Miller stated he could smell a strong odor of an intoxicant coming from Roberts.  Sgt. Miller then walked back to the deputies room and got Deputy Paul Reed who actually worked the case about the domestic and told Deputy Reed to see if he could smell the same odor.  Deputy Reed came back and acknowledged that he too though Roberts was intoxicated.  A field sobriety test was done in which Roberts was unable to perform.  After running his drivers license it came back with 9 prior driving on revoked and 7 prior driving under the influence.  A search of the vehicle found a small bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey inside the glove box.  Roberts was booked and charged with Driving on Revoked 10th offense and DUI 8th offense.  The 1998 Dodge Dakota that Roberts drove to the Sheriff’s Department was seized and placed in the impound lot.