Mitzie Bush Honored by School System

Woodland School Principal Angela Cossey (left) and Cannon County Director of Schools William F. Curtis (right) congratulates Mitzie Bush (center) as Cannon County Schools Employee of the Month of September 2019.

Mitzie Bush, Special Education Teacher and Interventionist at Woodland School was named as “Employee of the Month” for September 2019 by Cannon County Schools. During the October Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education, Bush was recognized at the meeting and was presented a certificate at Woodland School the following day by Cannon County Schools Director William F. Curtis for her service to the Cannon County School System.  Employees are nominated by School Principals or School District Supervisors and are voted on during monthly Principal and Supervisor meetings regarding individuals who exemplify the Mission and Vision of Cannon County Schools.

Woodland Principal, Angela Cossey stated regarding her excellent employee, “Mrs. Mitzie Bush is an exemplary teacher at Woodland School. Her passion for teaching and learning is contagious! Mrs. Mitzie has a demonstrated record of commitment and enthusiasm for teaching and leading within her classroom and outside of her classroom walls. She goes above and beyond every day for our students and makes sure students are getting what they need to be successful. She always greets students, parents, and colleagues with a smile and makes connections with her students that will last a lifetime. The teachers, staff, students, and parents of Woodland School appreciate her dedication and service in helping make our school a great place to learn.”

Supervisor of Special Education for Cannon County Schools, Audrey James, nominated Mitzie stating, “Mrs. Mitzie Bush has been teaching for many years here in Cannon County. She exhibits a growth mindset to all of our teachers, faculty and staff. Mitzie cares for her students and their needs deeply. She comes to work early and stays late many days to prepare to meet the students’ needs. She strives to meet the whole student’s needs in addition to academic needs. Her dedication and love for her students are exhibited daily in her efforts. She goes out of her way to meet parents, staff and students where they are. She is greatly appreciated. ”

Director of Cannon County Schools, Mr. William F. Curtis, commented “I met Mrs. Mitzie Bush in 1986 as a colleague at West Side Elementary School.  As colleagues, Mrs. Mitzie taught Third Grade and assisted me greatly as I began my journey teaching students.  She later transferred to Woodland School and became an outstanding Special Education Interventionist with the students.  She has exemplified what a true professional is through her influence with her students and being a powerful advocate in their lives.  Her love for students and their learning has been demonstrated in the hundreds of students she has taught.  I believe Mrs. Mitzie Bush greatly personifies our Mission of Cannon County Schools of ‘Preparing All Students for their Future’ by most assuredly being ‘The New E3 – Engaged in Excellence Every Day.’  Congratulations to Mrs. Mitzie Bush for being an impactful ‘Team Player’ in our Cannon County Schools family.”