Multi-Agency Effort Nets Multiple Arrests in Warren County

Nearly 50 people were arrested after a months-long operation aimed at stopping the use and sales of drugs in the Warren County area, District Attorney General Chris Stanford said in a news release on Sunday morning.

The operation, dubbed Operation NeverEnding Story, targeted the use and sales of methamphetamine, fentanyl and other addictive and dangerous drugs. The Warren County Sheriff’s Department, McMinnville Police Department, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Stanford partnered in arresting nearly 50 people, according to the news release from Stanford and Warren County Sheriff Jackie Matheny.

“Fortunately, change is here, and your local law enforcement officials are committed to using every tool available to increase rates of incarceration for dangerous drug dealers in our community,” Stanford and Matheny said in the news release. “Recent truth-in-sentencing laws were passed in Tennessee that greatly strengthen prison sentences for certain repeat felony drug offenders. In addition, our team of local law enforcement is working hard every day to evolve our efforts in the fight against drugs. The obvious goal is to stop the never-ending story of the cycle of drug trafficking in our community.

“While we still have a long way to go, we are making significant strides and are proud of our work in the largest known drug dealer roundup, to date, in Warren County history.”

“If you are a drug dealer, know this: we are coming for you and we will get you.”

Statement from District Attorney General Chris Stanford and Warren County Sheriff Jackie Matheny

The district attorney’s office presented a range of suspects and proposed criminal charges to the Warren County Grand Jury during June’s session. The grand jury returned indictments for narcotic related charges for the targets of Operation NeverEnding Story. Law enforcement went into the community on Thursday to arrest those indicted.