News From The Cannon Libraries

We are back on the main floor!  We are still not fully operational and are only offering minimal services like faxing, photocopying, public use computers,  DVDs, and new arrival books.  As shelves are rebuilt and the over 1000 boxes of books and other materials we have stored are returned from storage and unpacked, we will open other library departments to the public.  Please drop by and say hello and see our beautiful new building as it turns back into a full service library!  We think you will like what you see! 
We still need volunteers to help us with the unpacking and shelving of materials as well as hauling boxes and furniture out of storage.  If you would like to help us, please call 563-5861.
Thanks again to all of you for your enthusiasm, donations, encouragement, and plain old Tennessee resilience!  We are especially grateful to our College Street neighbors for sacrificing parking spaces and a peaceful environment for life in the construction zone during these past months. 
Exciting times, Cannon County!  Dreams do sometimes come true!