Post Season Basketball Begins Monday

The post season for District 8 AA basketball teams will begin Monday.

In the girls schedule, 8th seed Cannon County will travel to Wilson County to play 5th seed Watertown at 7pm Monday night.

In the boys schedule, 5th seed Cannon County will host 8th seed Macon County on Tuesday night at 7pm.

Cannon County has one member on the First Team of All District 8 AA boys.  Junior Gus Davenport, who recently achieved 1,000 points in a season was named to the first team.

A.J. Armstrong was an honorable mention in the district.

A.J. Armstrong and Theo Winters made the all freshman team.

On the girls side of the district, senior Shelby Smithson was an honorable mention.

Join Teddy Taylor, Jeran Tenpenny and Nolan Bell as they follow the teams of Cannon County in District 8 AA Basketball Tournament action on WBRY.