School Officials As Close As Your Phone

Effective on March 23rd, 2020 for the protection and reducing risks for our employees due to COVID-19 concerns, Cannon County Schools Central Office, 301 West Main Street, Woodbury will be CLOSED to the general public.  The office phone (629-201-4801) can be utilized to obtain an appointment with the person(s) who needs to be contacted.  Many of the Cannon County Schools Central Office personnel will be working remotely from home until the crisis subsides following the direction of the Tennessee Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control.   Office hours will be reduced to 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Please contact our personnel at the following extensions for assistance:

William F. Curtis – Director of Schools                                              Extension 10101

Marcia Melton – Deputy Director/ Supervisor of Instruction           Extension 10108

Bonnie Patterson – Attendance & CSH Supervisor                          Extension 10125

Kathy Mullins – Supervisor of Federal Programs / PreK                   Extension 10126

Audrey James – Special Education Supervisor                                  Extension 10110

Jennifer Insell – Supervisor of Child Nutrition                                  Extension 10111

Bryan Cofer – Director of Technology                                              Extension 10141

Lisa Black – Director of Transportation, ESP, & SMS                         Extension 10107

Douglas Jennings – Budget Director                                                 Extension 10103

Ricky Arnold – Maintenance Supervisor                                            Extension 10145

Darlene Witty – Federal Programs Bookkeeper                                 Extension 10106

Shannon Bacon – Payroll Clerk & Human Resources                          Extension 10109

Angie Fann – RTI2 Coordinator                                                           Extension 10112

Lisa Bennett – School Psychologist                                                      Extension 10114

Timothy Davis -Sr. Network Technician                                              Extension 10140

Michael Medford – Network Technician                                             Extension 10129

Stacie Bryson – K-5 System-Wide Instructional Coach                         Extension 10131

Stephanie Alexander – 6-12 System-Wide Instructional Coach            Extension 10130

Stephanie Alford – School Psychology Assistant                                 Extension 10148

Teresa Lewis – Executive Assistant to the Director / Food Service       Extension 10102