Stolen ATV Found

While searching for a wanted man 35 year old Kevin Glenn Smith out of Dekalb County, the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department found a stolen ATV vehicle at a residence in which Smith frequented.  Sheriff’s Deputies from Cannon and Dekalb Counties were searching for Kevin Glenn Smith who was wanted on several charges and had warrants in Cannon, Coffee, Dekalb and Warren Counties.  During the search they went to a residence on Retha Frazier Lane where they had known that Mr. Smith had been previously staying.  The residence belonged to Mr. Charles Frazier. Deputies gained permission to search the house for Mr. Smith.  Mr. Smith was not in the house.  Then the deputies started questioning Frazier about a Kawasaki Patriot 300 ATV that had been parked out of sight.  Deputies had asked about the same ATV about a week prior after finding the VIN number had been scratched out.  Mr. Frazier stated that he purchased the ATV for about $200 a few months prior but couldn’t remember the name of the person that sold it t him.  Deputies then explained to Fraizer that it wasn’t normal to purchase a vehicle or any other object with an obliterated VIN or serial number.  Since Mr. Frazier again was not able to produce any viable information about the ATV there was strong probable cause that he had either knowingly purchased a stolen ATV or had committed the theft himself.  Frazier was then placed under arrest and charged with theft of property over $500.