Tennessee Tree Day Means 100,000 New Trees

America’s largest annual tree-planting event takes place this weekend across Tennessee. The day has been unanimously declared “Tennessee Tree Day 2023” by the Tennessee General Assembly and Governor Bill Lee, and it takes place on March 18. Over 8,000 Tennessee residents have signed up to plant more than 100,000 native trees during this event, organized by Tennessee Environmental Council, a non-profit organization.

“This is our 9th annual statewide tree-planting event, and it is inspiring to see so many Tennessee residents get involved, plant native trees and help improve our environment and communities,” says Jeffrey Barrie, CEO of Tennessee Environmental Council.

The Numbers:

  • Total Tennessee counties participating: 95
  • Total local tree-pick-up locations: 150
  • Total planting locations: 8,000
  • Total volunteers: more than 20,000
  • Total native trees to be planted: 100,000

“Trees support clean air and water, increase property values, and provide cover and needed food, like nuts and berries, for wildlife,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, senior director of community habitat for the National Wildlife Federation, a long-time sponsor of the event. “NWF is proud to support this event year after year as a way to provide opportunities for all to learn about the environment and enjoy the many benefits of spending quality time outdoors in nature,” says Fitzgerald.