TV Time Results In Brawl

A Christmas Eve argument over who’s turn it was to watch TV escalated into domestic assault charges against a Cannon County man.  According to police reports Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Tommy Miller was dispatched to a Jim Cummings Highway residence.  After arrival, Deputy Miller spoke to Ms. Olive Marx who stated that her brother Elijah Althen had been mad all day and became even more angrier when he was told to let his sister Ms. Carolann Truesdell watch TV because it was her turn.  After Mr. Althen refused to let her, Ms Marx stepped in and turned the TV off.  This action caused Mr. Althen to yell and cuss at Ms. Marx.  Ms. Marx’s husband Kenneth Marx, stepped in to intervene at that point.  After Mr. Marx stepped in the hallway heading for his bedroom, Mr. Althen then lunged toward Ms. Marx, and when Mr. Marx got involved Althen assaulted him.  These actions were committed in front of several witnesses including small children in the home.  Althen was then placed under arrest for Domestic Assault and transported to the Cannon County Jail