Unemployment Rate Continues to Remain Low

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner BurnsPhillips have released new labor statistics that showed unemployment across Tennessee continued at near-historic
low levels in September.
The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3.6 percent in September mirrored the August 2018 rate and
is just 0.3 of a percentage point higher than Tennessee’s all-time low unemployment rate of 3.3 percent.
According to Governor Haslam, “For well over a year now Tennessee’s unemployment rate has reflected the state’s
strong economy and our skilled workforce. In Tennessee, we make things, and employers know that we have a
workforce ready for the needs of the manufacturing industry. That, plus our business-friendly environment, is
attracting more and more new employers to the state, creating new job opportunities for our citizens.”
Tennessee employers added 8,600 nonfarm jobs between August and September, including 2,300 new positions in
the manufacturing industry. Over the past 12 months, nonfarm employment has increased by 63,900 jobs.
The seasonally adjusted United States unemployment rate dipped down to 3.7 percent, a 0.2 of a percentage point
decrease from the August rate. In September 2017 the national rate was 4.2 percent.
The statewide unemployment rate is seasonally adjusted to eliminate the influences of weather, holidays, the
opening and closing of schools, and other recurring seasonal events from an economic time series.
Tennesseans looking to improve their employment situation can access the latest job openings, update their
resumes, and sharpen their job interview skills by visiting the state’s workforce development website.