Zoning, Tower Construction and Pumpkins Fill Meeting of Mayor and Alderman

The board of Mayor and Alderman for the town of Woodbury met in regular session Tuesday night. During the meeting, a public hearing was conducted regarding Ordinance Number 515. The ordinance will amend the zoning map of the town of Woodbury in regard to a parcel wishing to be re-zoned to I-1, industrial. The action was recommended by the Woodbury Planning Commission. The property in question is located off Doolittle Road and is known as Saint Thomas Stones River Hospital.  During the earlier meeting of the Planning Commission, the board was asked to consider approval of new signage at the facility, that could only be approved with re-zoning the property to industrial.  

Following the public hearing, Ordinance Number 515 changing the property to industrial was approved by the Alderman.

Mayor Duggan asked that a special meeting, be scheduled for October 22nd at 4:00 PM, the meeting will be to review and approve bids for the Parker Hill water tank project. The construction of a new tower will provide over double the current capacity of the existing tank.  The mayor also asked to schedule a meeting of the beer board immediately the bid meeting on the 22nd. The beer board meeting will be at 4:15 PM. Both meeting will be at town hall.

In other action Alderman Faye Knox ask the city to consider an in kind donation to an upcoming festival scheduled on the public square on Halloween. The donation would provide advertising for the event. The pumpkin festival is promoted as a safer alternative for children (and their parents) on Halloween. During the COVID-19 pandemic, trick or tricking will be difficult as many residents will not be participating.

In other action by the Mayor and Board of Alderman, the November meeting has been changed from November 3rd (election day) to the next Tuesday, November 10th.