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October Revenues Well Below Budgeted Estimates

State officials are anticipating a budget shortfall in the neighborhood of 800-million-dollars based on dismal revenue collections for the first quarter of the fiscal year. October revenues are 75-point-eight-million-dollars less than budgeted estimates. The general fund was under collected by 72-million-dollars, and the four other funds were three-point-eight-million-dollars below estimates. Finance Commissioner Dave Goetz says ... Read more

Early Morning Crash Sends Two Local Residents To Hospital

A two vehicle crash shortly before 7:00am Wednesday sent two local residents to the hospital. According to reports from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a Cannon County juvenile was driving east on Highway 70 (toward McMinnville) when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle spun around and struck an on-coming vehicle in the west ... Read more

Death Believed To Be The Result Of Suicide

An autopsy was performed yesterday in the death of a Cannon County woman. The procedure was requested to assist officers in their investigation of the death. According to Cannon County Sheriff Billy Nichols, “ It will be some time before we have the full results of the autopsy. At this time the early indications are ... Read more

Cost Share Funding Available for USDA Organic Certification

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture announced that Tennessee producers, processors and handlers of organic agricultural products can be reimbursed for 75 percent of the cost of certification up to $750. The new certification cost share program is funded by the federal 2008 Farm Bill and the USDA National Organic Program. “Organic agriculture is a growing ... Read more

Pleasant Ridge Voting Results

Pleasant Ridge Voting Results Total Votes Cast: 287 (73.97%) President of the United States: Barack Obama (D) 91 John McCain (R) 181 Chuck Baldwin (I) 5 Bob Barr (I) 1 Charles Jay (I) 0 Cynthia McKinney (I) 0 Brian Moore (I) 0 Ralph Nader (I) 2 Write-In 0 United States Senate: Robert D. Tuke (D) ... Read more

Drought-Affected Cannon County Farmers Get Assistance

With droughts affecting farmers across Tennessee due to the state experiencing below average rainfall this year, Congressman Bart Gordon announced today that the U.S. Agriculture Department declared Cannon County a federal agricultural disaster area. “This drought has destroyed crop yields across Cannon – it has hurt farmers and their families in the County and throughout ... Read more

Cannon County Early Voting and Absentee Results

Absentee and Early Voting Total Votes Cast: 2,627 (33.09%) President of the United States: Barack Obama (D) 1,017 John McCain (R) 1,471 Chuck Baldwin (I) 6 Bob Barr (I) 10 Charles Jay (I) 1 Cynthia McKinney (I) 7 Brian Moore (I) 2 Ralph Nader (I) 21 Write-In 4 United States Senate: Robert D. Tuke (D) ... Read more

Mobile Home Lost In Afternoon Fire

The Mooretown Fire Department responded to a blaze Thursday afternoon at 1580 Petty Gap Road in Cannon County. The area was at the rear of the property and engulfed a trailer and the immediate grounds. Due to the rugged terrain it took firefights a little longer to put out the fire. Vehicles were unable to ... Read more

Eastside Voting Results

Eastside Voting Results Total Votes Cast: 875 (68.57%) President of the United States: Barack Obama (D) 313 John McCain (R) 533 Chuck Baldwin (I) 3 Bob Barr (I) 3 Charles Jay (I) 0 Cynthia McKinney (I) 1 Brian Moore (I) 1 Ralph Nader (I) 10 Write-In 0 United States Senate: Robert D. Tuke (D) 197 ... Read more

Bredesen, Rep. Stratton Bone Announce CDBG Grant For Auburntown

Gov. Phil Bredesen and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matthew Kisber recently approved a $400,000 Community Development Block Grant to assist in infrastructure improvements along the Hurricane Creek Road and Bryson Road / Fann Road areas of Auburntown in Cannon County. “Community Development Block Grants are fundamental to the growth of communities across Tennessee, and ... Read more